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Client: EYEMED // Agency: Madison Design


As EyeMed employees made their way back into the office post-pandemic, the security and compliance team wanted to remind everyone of smart and safe tech usage by creating an engaging, memorable internal campaign.

The theme was getting "Back to Basics" of compliance and safety, and the purpose was to encourage participation in a company-wide competition to complete modules about security and compliance to win prizes.

– Concepting
– Print Publication
– Poster Design
– Vector Illustration
– Marketing Collateral

First, the team at Madison created an event logo "Back to Basics" that was Back to the Future themed, and worked on messaging surrounding the security and compliance modules employees needed to complete for the training. Madison created the design for the quizlets that employees used.

AEOY Quizlet Mockup_iPad.png

Madison hired me to execute all of the illustrative work that was to be used throughout the campaign. I had to watch the movie as "research" before starting the illustrations – it was a fun task! I created three sets of four printed posters and one set of digital posters to be displayed internally on TV displays in their office.

AEOY Digital Posters.png
AEOY Square poster series.gif
EM AEOY Illustrations_crops.png
9333_EM AEOY_Digital Posters_FA_DeLorean Dashboard.png
9333_EM AEOY_Digital Posters_FA_Flux Capacitor.png
9333_EM AEOY_Digital Posters_FA_Letter.png
9333_EM AEOY_Digital Posters_FA_Plutonium Box.png

You've Got Mail

EyeMed also sent all of their employees a mailing that included a phone charging port. I designed the box to look like a VHS tape. The mailer also included a leaflet explaining the competition, as well as some fun stickers.

AEOY Polymailer mockup.jpg
AEOY Mailer Insert_BiFold Mock-Up2.jpg
EM AEOY Stickers Mock-Up.png
AEOY Box MockUp_Fronts.jpg
AEOY Box MockUp_Back.jpg
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