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Client: EyeMed // Agency: Madison Design

SAM Conference 2023

Each year, EyeMed holds an internal marketing conference to discuss the upcoming year, generate excitement around its new marketing updates and divulge goals and metrics to its team members. After Madison created the messaging and theme for the conference, I created a kinetic logo and identity for the event.

– Concepting
– Marketing Collateral
– System Design
– Identity + Branding
– Brand Guideline Creation
– Strategic Design

SAM Conference ID.png
SAM Conf Pres Mockup.jpg
SAM Conf signage.png
Amp it Up Pins.jpg
Logo Mockup.jpg
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum2.png
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum10.png
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum27.jpg
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum17.png
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum23.png
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum6.png
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