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Hi, I'm Jordan.

My friends call me Jay.


I am a visual and creative problem solver, storyteller and critical thinker. I enjoy the strategy behind design to create pieces that are purposeful and beautiful. I am passionate about learning new things, working with my hands and collaborating with others. Design is powerful, and I take my role seriously.

I appreciate simplicity in design – distilling something down to its core meaning and then building it back upcreativity in its purest form. I root myself in projects by sketching first, and going to the computer later because I believe in the value of conceptualization. Sometimes, less really is more—minimal design communicates quickly and effectively.


I have worked with a wide range of clients varying in size. I know how to solve complex design problems on tight deadlines and tighter budgets. Robust layouts, printed publications, complicated file production, interactive digital PDFs, design strategy, identity systems, illustration and brand overhauls are a few of my strengths.

PG logo.png
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Red BG.png
EM Primary_Color_RGB_ADA.png
Madison logo.png
Portfolio Rollovers-01.jpg
Portfolio Rollovers-02.jpg

Client: Gigi & Poppi

Cintas DM Rollover-02.png
Cintas DM Rollover-01.png

Client: CINTAS | Agency: Madison Design

PROVENGE Rollover-01.png
Provenge Booth Mock-Up.jpg

Client: PROVENGE | Agency: LINUS

SB Rollover-02.png
SB Rollover-01.png
AEOY Box MockUp_Fronts.jpg
AEOY Digital Posters.png

Client: EyeMed
Agency: Madison Design

9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum.png
9514_EM_2023_SAM_Conference_FA_Lorem Ipsum2.png

Client: EyeMed
Agency: Madison Design


Client: Sweaty Bands

TF Letter Mockup.jpg
TF social media mock-up.png

Client: ThermoFisher Scientific
Agency: LINUS

EM Sales Playbook Mac Mockup.jpg
iPad Cintas Mockup.png

Clients: EyeMed + Cintas | Agency: Madison Design

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